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Sort eez

Sort eez bullet sorting system and double comparator

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Measuring and Sorting ammo improves accuracy-
Sorteez finally makes it easy.

Top marksmen around the country carefully sort ammunition to make sure every shot is consistent.

Many believe that the slightest changes in the dimensions of a bullet can change its ballistics dramatically, and push shots off target. During competitions or while on the hunt, you’ll want to trust that your ammo has been measured and sorted carefully. Why risk shooting unsorted bullets?

Sorteez will completely change the way you reload ammunition by pairing a set of calipers to a powerful mobile app. What used to be a tedious chore is a breeze with Sorteez. Take advantage and get an edge!

Measure bullets, and with a tap of a button, categorize that bullet into separate bins. Even sort bullets against multiple measurements for extreme precision. Watch the video to see it in action.

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