307 Long Range Precision was established in 2016. Our mission at 307 Long Range Precision, LLC is to create the highest quality of standards, precision machined components, and top-of-the-line custom-built rifles while maintaining the highest quality American-made products (triggers are Bix’ N Andy – Austrian made).

Building your custom 307 LRP Rifle:
What purpose do you want to use the rifle for? What shooting discipline/hunting do you want to achieve? What bullet do you want to shoot? What length of barrel do you want? What action? What stock? Lightweight or heavy? What color options do you want? Do you have an existing action that needs to be re=barreled/replaced?
Our opinion is to use top-of-the-line components for your custom build from trusted, respected, and proven manufacturers like the following companies: Kelbly Actions, Benchmark Barrels, Bartlein Barrels, AG Composite Stocks, Bix’ N Andy Triggers, Hawkins Precision Bottom Metal or Floorplates, Wyatt Magazines. There are many other well-respected companies out there with proven quality components that we are happy to use.

What kind of rifle can we custom-build for you?
PRS rifles, hunting rifles, custom ELR rifles, F-class rifles, or bench/target rifles.
Quality and machining accuracy is the most important part of an accurate rifle. All barrels are custom chambered in-house from blanks. We do not use pre-chambered/pre-threaded barrels unless the customer specifically requests it. Also, your barrel is chambered on-site to the bullet you select allowing for the correct free bore. One more optional service to completing your rifle is load development for your specific custom-built rifle.

Trust, Commitment, and Integrity are what 307 Long Range Precision, LLC is all about. We understand there are no shortcuts to achieving the best. Custom. Precise. Accurate.